about Kim's work

about Kim's work

Lump and Liquid

I work with two processes: lumps of clay and liquid clay or wheel throwing and slipcasting.

I love the quiet hum of my Shimpo motor as the wheel turns.  But I also love the racket of my 1/3 horsepower motor as it mixes dry clay, water and deflocculant into a velvety liquid.  It's kind of like the music I listen to as I work; some days endless electronica and some days loud classical.

My wheel thrown forms are simple and crisp - I work hard at making consistent pieces.  Slipcasting allows me to pursue forms that are not easily attainable on the wheel: square bottles, lemon juicers and even kids' sneakers!

Hunting down interesting objects and seeing them come to new life in clay is exhilirating.

Most of my pieces are functional, my nature is far too practical for anything but.